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1k Series

This is a series of games that are 1,024 bytes or less in size. They are usually done as a challenge to a programmer, or sometimes they are made when we get a bit bored here at Sly Dog Studios and feel the need to take a break. They are small, but they are free! Great word, that!


You’re walking down the street and suddenly, from a couple of attached buildings that are across the street, you are ambushed by multiple gunmen… luckily you’re packin’ some heat! That’s the premise of this entry into the 1k Series of games. Use the D-Pad to move the player’s scope around, and ‘A’ to fire. Score 99 (then +1) and you win the game. That’s a lot of baddies for one area! However, if a single bullet reaches you on the other side of the street, you’re a goner. Shoot them before they get to you!

Ambushed for the NES

Quit shooting at me!!!

Download Ambushed


Clik is now in his very own 1k game! It’s played just the same as the 4k counterpart, but just a tad smaller in size. Move Clik around and grab the viruses, but don’t get hit by the Shokr enemies!


Now in size 1K!

Download CL1K

Flappy Block

The title is exactly what it sounds like. Yes, we here at Sly Dog Studios decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. We created our very own kind of clone of the game that everyone seems to love, but went ahead and tried for a 1k version of it. It is infinitely easier than the original, but it does what it is meant to do… waste time! Now with color in Flappy Block version 2!

Flappy Block (ver2)

Flap block, flap!

Download Flappy Block

For Points

Why did the chicken cross the road? For Points, of course! Get the chicken across the road to get some points. Don’t get hit by a car though. Chickens are pretty defenseless against cars. One hit and it’s game over. We really wish we could’ve squeezed in an animation for the chicken, but oh well. These are the pains of decisions when developing a game of this size on the NES.

For Points

The poor chicken just wants some points…

Download For Points

Meteor Guard

Meteor Guard is a small space shooter in which you take control of Lieutenant Campkill and destroy as many meteors as you can. Once five of them have passed you, the game ends. However, if you successfully destroy 99 of them, you win! Tap left or right on the D-pad to move in the corresponding direction, and when you are vertically lined up with the meteor you would like to destroy, press the B button to fire. No cookies were harmed in the development of this game.

Meteor Guard

Guarding against meteors!

Download Meteor Guard

Meteor Guard 2

Resume the meteor blasting adventures of Matthew Campkill! On the way home from his last mission, he got caught in an asteroid belt and must destroy enough of them to make the course to Earth more safe for himself. Push in a direction to move in that direction, and push the B button to fire.

Meteor Guard 2

These darn things won’t quit!

Download Meteor Guard 2

Midnight Jogger

This is a first-person jogging simulator… of sorts. You’re jogging at night on a country road, but beware of all the potholes! Hit one of them and you twist your ankle and lose the game. So what’s a person to do, jog around them? Never. You must leap over them. The more potholes that appear, the more frustrated you become, and start picking up speed just so you can get through the run more quickly and be done with it. Successfully leap over 100 of them, and you win the game! Use the Start button to begin the game, or reset the game during a game over. Use the A button to jump. Happy trails!

Midnight Jogger

Potholes are the bad guys.

Download Midnight Jogger

No Points

No Points! That is the goal of this game that takes place from the perspective of a driver in the game of For Points. Starting off with 99 points, the chickens trying to cross the road lose a point for each one that gets hit. Hit your 100th chicken, and you win the game, successfully denying the chickens their points! Be careful though. If you miss more than 9 chickens, the game is over. Use Left and Right on the Directional Pad to move your car, and the Start button to begin the game, or reset it after the game is over.

No Points

“Can we keep one for dinner, father?”

Download No Points

Obstacle Trek

Like running? Like jumping? Do you even like sliding? Then Obstacle Trek is the game for you! Dodge all the obstacles that come your way. Press A to jump, and Down on the Directional Pad to slide. Press Start to begin the game, and also to reset when the game is over. Your character will be mighty excited if he completes this randomized obstacle course, so give him a hand!

Obstacle Trek

I think I can, I think I can…

Download Obstacle Trek

That’s Whack!

Similar to the classic game of Whack-A-Mole, you must pop the dummy when they show themselves from behind the pipes. Push in the direction that they appear at to successfully knock them back down. Hit 100 of them and you win the game, but miss 5 of them and it’s game over. They will get progressively faster, so keep on your toes!

That's Whack

I see you!

Download That’s Whack!

The Invasion

In The Invasion, you must stop the space aliens from reaching your weapon, which you are in control of. If they do, your game is over! To fend them all off successfully, fend off 14 waves of them. Use the ‘A’ button to fire, and the D-Pad to move left or right. Get your marksmanship on!

The Invasion

BOMP, BOMp, BOmp, Bomp

Download The Invasion

Two-Player Only

The games presented below require two-players to participate because there is no AI present. But that’s okay, old school gamers are always down to play with a friend! So get to it!

Pong 1k2p

Yes, good ol’ Pong! This is a very, very basic version of the game, but we hope that you enjoy it very, very much. It is 2-player only, so grab a friend and see who starts to nod off first to be able to score on them!

Pong 1k2p

‘Tis a Pong game, ’tis is.

Download Pong 1k2p


That’s right, a good ol’ game of Tic-Tac-Toe for you and one friend to play. The loser gets their X’s or O’s grayed out, and a stalemate results in all pieces getting the same treatment. At the end of the game, press the Start button to reset the game. The 1st player (X’s) always goes first, so trade controllers after each game if you feel the need! Of course, move the icon with the Directional Pad, and lay down your tile with the A button. Go grab a friend and get busy!


Have at you, you O, you!

Download Tic-Tac-Two-P

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