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Welcome to Sly Dog Studios!

I've been dabbling with 6502 assembly since around 2005 and started making games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 2008. Since then, many of my games have grown in scope and size, and game design and programming has become a bit of a pleasure. On this site, you can click around and view the various games that have been created under the Sly Dog Studios moniker. There are also a few programs that were developed to use in helping to create said games that may or may not be useful for others.

You can click on each section with the blue buttons above to get an overview of what to expect, or just click on one of the menu items that drops down and go straight to what you would like to see. I also have some other fan stuff that I made like the video series NES Tips, and a few reviews and editorials. However, the majority of this site is dedicated to the NES games I have available for all to play. Poke around and have some fun!

If you're just here to grab the games to play, click the little Sly Dog logo on the top right of the site to download the Sly Dog SUPER Pack (updated: 07/08/2022) and get them all at once!

This site makes heavy use of Javascript. Though I doubt many people have it turned off in their browsers these days, I figure I should let you know that the site will be unusable without it turned on. If you are viewing it on a mobile, it is best viewed in a widescreen format. This site was tested on Windows using Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. It was also tested on an Android mobile using Firefox and Chrome, and on a Kindle Fire HD using Silk.

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